More Meditation Proof……Part 2

Over 60 percent of people going to the doctor are suffering from problems that are caused by stress.

Neuroscientists and psychologists at Universities and research centres all over the world are working to come up with answers to these problems.

While some of the most amazing studies have used monks who were experts at meditation, the new research also proves that ordinary people can get great results by using small levels of meditation in every day life.

Serious research on meditation now includes hundreds of studies examining its possible benefits. Three of five researchers on a panel about meditation at a Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington, D.C., were from world famous American university Harvard.

In recent years, academic researchers are seeking to find hard facts. They have found that meditation will provide a lot of benefits. Meditation will lift depression, it will relieve pain and it will help to fight flu. And these are only some of the things that it will do.

Researchers say that that their aim to improve the quality of the research, using new tools and better methods, to prove the power that meditation has to help people to really improve their lives.
More soon,
Love Peace and Happiness


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