More Meditation, Part 5, Get Started

Getting started!  Please let me remind you about what I wrote in  my last post :

”When I’m stuck in traffic, instead of gripping the steering wheel and getting upset, I might look through the skylight of my little car and count clouds or watch the birds flying,” he said. Already, Hresko said, his high blood pressure has fallen, and he has more energy. And does he feel mentally and emotionally better?

”Oh, my God, yes,” he said.

Remember Mr. Hresko had only been doing these simple exercises for SIX weeks. High blood pressure is called the Silent Killer. As well as causing  lot of deaths, it can cause lots of of other serious health problems. The medication used to treat high blood pressure can be very nasty to take. And most people have to take them for the rest of their LIFE.

Yet here is this man, using the simplest of mental exercises, curing   himself. Let’s hope he carried on and cleared his problem altogether!


The following exercise is a GREAT exercise to get you started. It WILL do the job for you. If you were on one of my classes, I would start you off at more powerful level. I could do this because I would be there to answer any questions that you might have.

To meditate:

Pick a word or short phrase to rest your mind on. Pick one that has an emotional, positive meaning for you. Love, Peace, Happiness, Calmness (No! Don’t pick money LOL)

Sit quietly in a comfortable chair.

Close your eyes and relax all your muscles . Scalp, face, neck etc. All in turn all the way down to your  feet.

Breathe slowly and naturally. Each time you breathe out, say your chosen word or phrase silently inside your head as you breathe out.

Don’t worry about how well you are doing. When your mind drifts off , and it will many, many times, do NOT get bothered or upset.  Just breathe in and as you breathe out silently say your word or phrase to yourself. I know that this part will be a problem for you. Your mind WILL drift. Here is a very rough guideline. If you can do five breaths in a row without thinking about something else, you are doing O.K.

Continue doing this for 10 minutes. Work up to 20 minutes if you can.

Try to do it every day. Twice a day if you can.

KEEP at it. I will come back to this post and enlarge on it in a future post.

Keep reading the blog!

Love, Peace and Happiness,



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