Make Love, Lose Weight?

  • Making Love can make you lose weight. Although making love may not be the best way  to lose weight,  it is the most enjoyable.  It is certainly more fun than dieting or exercising. you can burn between 100 and 250 calories an hour and also exercise the major muscle groups.
  • If you have moderately active sex twice a week, you burn up the equivalent of running a mile. You have my permission to double up on that and double your weight loss. But don’t go at it too strongly or you might overtrain and get an injury LOL. Increase the activeness of doing it or the number of times a week. But don’t  increase both at the same time.
  • This training program will give you something to do of a night, make you HAPPY and and get you fitter and leaner.
  • Get HAPPY! Learn how to enjoy life more.
  • Go to The Happy People page at:
  • And join. Make the world a happier place. And start with YOU!

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