Happiness Tip Beats Depression

The University College London has discovered that 20 minutes  of exercise (they were studying the benefits of gardening) can effect depression. The exercise involved in gardening made people feel more upbeat and reduced their feeling of mental distress.

It beats depression by making your neurotransmitters produce endorphin. This calms the brain and this helps with the production serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good brain chemical.

As The Happy People, we want a constant supply of endorphins and serotonin. So start exercising and start squirting those substances round your circulation system.

Twenty minutes is all it takes. Don’t forget they were studying gardening NOT strenuous exercise. But you don’t have to start gardening. Fast walking will have the same effect and is free and easy. Just open your front door and start.

I was wondering why over the last few years the number of people going to our gym had increased on a Sunday morning. Obviously they have discovered that a good way to stop your head aching is to get your muscles aching. lol

One of the bad affects of depression is that depressed people get more depressed because they fear that their depression will never lift. When you start your exercising you get an upbeat feeling that you have started to do something about your depression.This is the start of feeling better.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have written about depression BUT, if you already feel good then exercise will make that feeling  even stronger. This fact is used all the time by Happy People to increase their happiness factor.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page. More soon

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tom


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