Cameron To Make Us All Happy?

David Cameron has told his ministers that they must start making us all happy. Any new government plan must be examined to see if it will ‘increase the sum total of human happiness’ or if it will make people feel more miserable and unfulfilled.

People will be asked about good relationships, health, spirituality, job satisfaction, good connections with friends and relatives, volunteering and how they feel about local and national issues, security and income satisfaction. (Just imagine: Excuse me, are you getting enough money? Would you like a bit more? LOL)

This isn’t Cameron’s idea. Lots of other countries have this in their manifestos already.

Bhutan, the Himalayan kingdom judges how successful the country is based on Gross National Happiness. AND this was set up in 1972. Yes, THIRTY NINE years ago.

What do I think about our plan?Don’t hold your breathe waiting for it to happen!   It is up to you to make your own happiness. Join The Happy People, follow me on my blog, or Facebook or Twitter. More soon.

Love, Peace and Happiness,                                         Tom


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