A Good Friend Makes You Feel Happy!

But they must be good friends If you are rejected or  have your feelings hurt by your friends it is hurts you just as much as if  they had hit you. Emotional hurt is the same as physical hurt. They both effect the same areas of the brain. The same parts of the cortex and the dorsal posterior insula are kicked into action by injury to your body or  injury to your feelings. And one can be as bad as the other.

What should you do? Be careful whom you make friends with. Friends are very important to your mental and emotional health. You should have as many of them as you can ger. Of the right type! Studies at the University of Michigan, U.S.A show that the wrong type of friends can cause you a lot of emotional damage.                                                               If you find that you feel depressed or upset too often by the people whom you mix with, then get rid of them. Get different ones. Ones that support you and make you feel good. Start off with the worse one first.                       Doing this will not only give you better relationships, it will also give you a strong feeling of having more control over your own life.

More in depth info on how your relationships effect your mental health, physical health and happiness in Part 2.

More soon,                                                                       Love, Peace and Happiness,                                             Tom


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