Make Health, Wealth And Love A Permanent Part Of Your Life!

Deep down Health, Wealth And Lots Of Love

Here is a great article.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from it . Here is the one that I want talk about:-

“The first, as Schwarz points out, is the forgetting: knowing there’s a simple fix doesn’t mean you’ll remember it when you need to.”

This is of tremendous importance. We have all had this experience. You make up your mind that, in future, you will NEVER do a certain thing again. Have too much alcohol, smoke a cigarette, eat chocolate. Whatever!
However, suddenly you find yourself half way through doing it again! Your plan has crumpled.
This is a a key point in all plans for self improvement.
All those plans, promises and vows you made to yourself just slip your mind. You forget about them.
There is a lot of wise, old sayings for this. Such as:
If you fall off the horse, you have to get back on.
This may work with horse riders but it doesn’t seem to work with people who want to make changes in their life.
Nearly everybody who wants to make improvements
in their lives, falls into this trap.

“I was doing well but I just forgot for a moment.”
BUT they don’t get back on the horse. They give up. There are many complicated reasons for this.  Alcohol abuse, overeating and smoking may be very simple behaviours but they are very powerful. The roots are buried deep inside you.
They work at physical, mental and social levels.
These levels are buried deep inside your personality. You have  to go down to those levels in order to stop them. Your plans to make all changes in your life, all your plans for more health, wealth and lots of love, have to be worked on at those levels.
You have to make your plans a permanent part of your personality at the deepest level.
There are ways to make this happen. Ways to embed your plans, wishes and desires deep inside your personality.
They will not just be easily forgotten thoughts in your head.
They will be strong forces working deep inside you all the time.
They will be a real part of you.
The real you.
The new, real you.
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Love, Peace and Happiness.


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