Neuroscience: The Science of Happiness

Neuroscience: The Science of Happiness

There used to be no Science of Happiness. Everybody believed that you had no control over it. You couldn’t control when it came, you couldn’t control how long it stayed and you couldn’t control how strong it was when it was here.
They were all wrong. You can control it. You can control it in all of those areas. How often it comes, how long it stays here and how to supersize it. But, before going into how, let me share with you the new ‘Science of Happiness’.
Neuroscientists, psychologists and researchers all over the world are establishing what makes people happy, happier and happiest in all areas of their life. The problem is that these investigators are not doing this to make you and me happier. They don’t do it in order to make themselves happier. They do it to let their bosses and their fellow scientists know how CLEVER they are.
And being clever is not being happy.
Being recognised as being clever will bring a temporary buzz of happiness. We all know this. We have all had this. But it will fade. Let me share this with you.
You do something clever. People say thing like:
“I like that”
“That’s clever”
“You’re pretty smart”
You immediately feel a warm glow of recognition. That is a happy feeling. We’ve all had it.
But it is, in my opinion, not a good base for the happiness lifestyle that I want to share with people.
Why not?
Because it follows all the rules of the OLD ideas about happiness.
First of all your happiness has to come from other people. And they may not give it.
They may not mention how clever you are.
They may only mention it briefly.
They may never mention it again.
So you see, you have no control over when it comes, how long it lasts or how powerful it is.
You must learn that control over your happiness lifestyle must not rely on the behaviour of other people.
You must learn how to generate your own happiness.
You must learn to control your life for yourself, for your benefit, for your happiness.

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