Great Friends Equals Feeling Great!

The amount of happiness that you have in your life depends on the relationships that you have. Research by neuroscientists shows good friends equal good feelings. The important thing is not how many  friends you have but how close you are to them.  If you want to increase the happiness in your life try to meet your friends as often as possible. Do things with them. Share your feelings and thoughts.                                                                                   Although the research shows that the number of friends is not so important, I believe that having LOTS of friends is a good idea. You then have more chance of having peak experiences. Get togethers, fun and enjoyment. Sounds sweet doesn’t it?  Here is a good plan on how to get started:

1) If you want a GOOD friend, be a GOOD friend. Smile!

2) Get to know the people you already know better. Smile!

3)Let those feet hit the street! Meet your friends more often. Smile!

4)Get out! Get a life! Get NEW friends! Smile!

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