Get Happy! Start NOW! (Update) Part1


This is my last blog updated and with more stuff added:

(PLEASE NOTE: This plan  is basic, simple to understand  and easy to do.  I have deliberately done this. Do NOT think it is too easy to be effective. It will work, it will work well and it will change your life for you. Start now and you will be amazed by how well it will work.    Tommy )

Time for action in your plan for more happiness. The first step is to get a diary. A notebook or pad is no good. A diary has a convenient shape and direction. You can use it to judge progress in time. And to update your plans.  Go to the first empty page in the diary. I usually use the page for phone numbers or addresses.

Write down a list of things that you would like to have or do. List about 20 things that would bring you a certain amount of happiness. This list can contain large items or simple items. You might list things like changing your car or meeting a close friend for a good laugh or chat.

My plan is for you to start being happier NOW, right? Not next year. So you have to consider a time scale. Next to each item on the list, write down the time it would take to achieve it.

Now make a list of SIX items from your big list that could happen  as close to right now as possible.  Now pick one item from the six and start making it happen.

Do it now! This is important. One reason is that it gets you started on becoming an action person. You are starting to do something about changing your life.

Do not make this mistake. Do not think that this stage is so simple. So that you can just do it in your head. That will not work.  You MUST get a diary and you must WRITE it down. This will show you that you have made a commitment to changing your life. I know that this stage IS simple. It is meant to be simple. I designed it to be simple. If you really want to get a new life, get that diary and start to write YOUR PLAN down.

Do not put more than one item down. Just one item. AND it must be an EASY one. Perhaps something like this. Something that you could do often that gives you pleasure but you haven’t done it for a while. Write it down. Now write down a plan for it i.e when you are going to do it (as soon as possible), how often you are going to do it in the future and when.

I know that this all sounds rather vague and unfocussed. If you get stuck, just do this. Write your list out. Use the twenty item one or better still your second six item list. Send it to my Facebook wall at Tommy Joe McNally. I’ll help you to get started in no time.

If you can understand my plan then your next step is this:

As soon as you have your first ‘happiness’  item operating, as soon as it is happening as often as you can do it then you move on to another one. Now you have 2 ‘happiness’ items going on in your life.

Watch out for part 2 of this basic, simple to understand  and easy to do plan.

Join The Happy People. Go to and bookmark it!

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tom


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