My first book is about a third finished. It will be a collection of articles, essays and instructions. This book will not be about what I THINK, it will be about YOU. With your feedback I can write the book so that it deals with what YOU want to know, it answers the questions that YOU want to ask and it gives you the guidance that YOU need. This will not be like the last book you read. This will be the book that YOU want to make the improvements in YOUR life that YOU really want. As I write it it will be free to read here. Just click on the archives on the right to read all of them. Please give comments or ask any questions freely. When it is finished it will be a free ebook for a time. And then I will start a second, more advanced book. The second book will be all based on what you will want.
Please let me know your views. You can post here or on my facebook page. Just look on Facebook for:                                  Tommy Joe McNally
More soon.
Love, Peace and Happiness
Bookmark this site read it and get involved. But only if you want to make changes in your life.

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