Stop Depression, Get Happy!

Medical research shows that 7 out of ten people who have fallen into depression twice will get it again, even if there has been successful treatment. However there is growing evidence that meditation, should be regarded as a powerful treatment for patients who have suffered from depression.  Research has found that meditation can cut the number of people who get depression again by a full HALF. Results have been so impressive that Nice, the government body that approves National Health Services treatments, now recommends meditation as a treatment for depression.

There is concern that GPs are prescribing antidepressant drugs too freely. About 36 million prescriptions for drugs, including Prozac and Seroxat, are issued each year: that’s twice as many as in the Nineties. In future meditation will become a viable alternative to antidepressants as a frontline treatment. Just this week there has been alarming findings about the effects of anti-depressant drugs in the newspapers.

The Happy People use meditation as a tool  to increase Happiness. In simple terms patients are encouraged to lose ALL negative feelings by concentrating on their own breathing. It’s often taught in group sessions but can be done alone, at home, or at work and at anytime  of the day. It is much better done in a group and with proper supervision.

Members of The Happy People DO NOT have to meditate. We have lots and lots of other ways to increase our enjoyment of life. You can learn Positive Life Planning, methods learned by the Neuroscientist and modern research. BUT, if you are willing to meditate, it will stop stress and relax you more.  AND, more important to us, (The Happy People) it produces chemicals in your body that give you a euphoric or happy/bubbly feeling. With training this happy feeling becomes even stronger. We can then use it to move onto  bigger and better levels of enjoying life.

The meditation that The Happy People do is IN NO WAY a religion. You do NOT have to take learn ANY religious beliefs in any shape or form. You just learn how to enjoy your life more.

Join The Happy People. Bookmark this site and follow it.

Love Peace and Happiness.

Tom, The Happiness Guru


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