Stop Depression, Get Happy! Part 2

Just to round out my last post.

Meditation is only one of the any ways that The Happy People use to get the sort of life that you want. There are lots of other ways that you will find out about. You just use the ways that are best for you.

The Meditation we do has no religious meaning at all. It is just a rather special breathing exercise that produces amazing results.

Physical exercise also is a good way of getting positive feelings. Anybody who is into running knows about the tremendous effect it can have on your state of mind. The difference between running and meditation is that you meditate sitting down. LOL. And you get an even better mental lift from meditation. I’ll tell you about the unbelievable results you can get if you combine physical exercise AND meditation another time . I don’t want to give the impression that The Happy People is a meditation group. It is NOT. Meditation is just one of the tools we use.

Love, Peace and Happiness


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