Happiness Must Come First!

YOU must become who YOU really are are!
There is untold wisdom that has full meaning for you deep inside
you. You must grasp this wisdom before you can move to higher levels.  You must learn how to go deep inside yourself and find out what it really is that would make you happy.

How can you become happier if you do not have a full, deep and total understanding of what it is that truly makes you happy? You must learn how to walk before you learn how to  run. That makes sense doesn’t it.

90% of people, when asked, say that having more money would make them happier. This may be true but it isn’t the logical answer. The logical answer lies in what you would do if you had more money. You may never have ‘more money’ does that mean that you will never be ‘happier’? Not so. Making more money can be very hard but making more happiness is very easy. If you know how. If you know the right way and you think  the right way and you act the right way anybody can do it.

We will deal with making more money another time, another place. LOL. For The Happy People, Happiness comes first.

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Tommy the Happiness guru.



One thought on “Happiness Must Come First!

  1. For those wanting inspiration, motivation and general good guidance … Two books I definitely recommend that is aimed at retraining the mind to think more positively is … Loving what is by Byron katie … and … The Secret by Rhonda Byrne x

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