Are You Getting What You Want? Part 2

Before we go any further, let’s look at my opening question. You might answer that your life is not ‘exactly what you want’ but it is good enough. Perhaps you think it is. Most people will say life is ‘good enough’. And what most people mean by this is that their life is not good but nothing can be done about it. And this is one one of your ideas that have to be changed. Things can be done to make changes. Lots of things. Some of them simple and easy to set in place. Others that are simple but take a little time to take effect. To close let me give you an example.  I’m going to  keep this short. This young woman, Annie, was coming to my class. When asked Annie said she wanted to be rich. This was broken down to a lower level and Annie realized that what she wanted be rich for was  to have money for lots of clothes and holidays abroad. Annie had a good, well paid job. She said that she was spending nearly half her income in clubs on drinking. Because she would  end up too drunk to drive, she would have to pay for taxis while she was out. So……… More soon, Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy. Join The Happy People! Bookmark this site, NOW!


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