Are You Getting What You Want Part 3

I’m going to  keep this short. This young woman, Annie, was coming to my class. When asked what would increase the happiness in her life, Annie said she wanted more money. This was broken down to a realistic level. Annie realized that what she wanted was  to have more money for lots of clothes and holidays abroad. Annie had a good, well paid job. She said that she was spending nearly half her income in clubs on drinking. Because she would  end up too drunk to drive, she would have to pay for taxis while she was out. So I helped her to set out a plan. Instead of drinking alcohol, she started to drink coke. This took some time before she switched over completely. But one of the side effects of  cutting out all the alcohol, was that she started losing weight! The next bonus was  that because she was now sober, she noticed that she was spending more than half her night out standing in boring queues at the bar instead of dancing. So she started taking cokes out with her. And now that she was sober she could drive home at the end of the night (or start of the morning lol).

This meant that she was now spending more time dancing which meant more weight loss, more time enjoying herself and more money left at the end of the week.  And an end to those horrid, head-splitting hangovers that she would have on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

You can imagine just how pleased she was with these changes. She was over the moon. More money. Imagine how she felt, getting rid of her old, large clothes and buying NEW, clothes 2 SIZES SMALLER! Her character, personality and whole life was changed. And these changes got stronger and stronger and gave her the motivation to move to the next level of what she really wanted in her life.

She started to make new plans.  (That’s enough for now. More soon)

Join The Happy People!    Bookmark this site, NOW! Love, Peace and Happiness, Tom.


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