Are You Getting What You Want Part 4

Annie was really feeling full of her success. She has obviously been drinking too much. Her life had been based on getting hopelessly drunk at least 3 nights a week. Now she didn’t drink at all! All she was interested was dancing her legs off. And showing her new figure and clothes off on the dance floor.

Now full of her new confidence, she decided to get a better paid job.  She had always wanted to travel,  so she wrote after several jobs as a Travel Courier. And got one. The last time that I saw Annie she looked tanned, trim and right on top of things. She was joking that she now had trouble with getting the clothes she wanted small enough for her new figure.

As we look back on Annie’s progress, we find some stages are important. She started off wanting to be rich. Then she realized that she wanted to have more money because  she wanted good clothes and travelling abroad. She cut back on the amount of alcohol that  she was drinking and realized she could cut alcohol out completely. This now gave her  more money for clothes and she started taking a great interest in dancing. Her confidence in herself climbed. Then she got a job that gave her more money and allowed her to travel the world. Instead of having to save up to go on holidays, she was now getting paid to do what she loved most of all.

Once you start to take control of your life, you never know how your life will change.  But, you will never get to know if you never get to start. It doesn’t matter how small the first change is as long as you get started. Annie started one night, instead of having one drink of alcohol she had one can of coke. Then things started to snowball for her.  And they will for you. Once you get started

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