Eat And Be Happy!

The scientists report that you can get the happiness buzz by eating Yogurt! BUT it must be probiotic ! The buzz comes from the happiness hormone serotonin . Serotonin  makes you feel good, keeps you balanced emotionally and keeps your brain stable. Eat it a few times a week and make sure it is probiotic.

Join The Happy People! Bookmark this site NOW (and eat Yogurt lol)!

Love, Peace and Happiness, Tom.


One thought on “Eat And Be Happy!

  1. Hey I love your meaning! I wrote something about “eat, love and happines” a few month ago. I would like to share with you! Please forgive me for my mistakes about the language!

    First of all, put your hand on your heart and say: I am eating a lot when I am happy, or I love to eat when I am happy. I was wondering why people getting fat in a relationship. The first thing I thought was that they found the other half of them, so they stop to take care of their body and looks. On the other hand, they are happy. And when people are happy, they are better eater than ever. There is a scientific background for all this. I might not 100 % right, but their is something called Serotonin in the cerebrospinal which is responsible and take effects on sleeping, love, happyness, and eating. There are many food exist which can raise the Serotonin level in our body, such as peas, sugar, chocolate and chicken, turkey.

    So this is not just my imagination.

    Happens in all of us lives that we say: “Wow, you are so nice, I want to eat you.” And why is that? Because of the same reason. Happiness and hunger are connected.You are feeling so happy, that you could easily make a little bite on your lover arms, shoulder, lips…aham, khmmm…and all the other sexual member 🙂

    There are hundreds of examples for this. For example in a lot of entertainment you see people eating pizza at a fancy table and a women and the man hold each other hand or looking very wistfully. ” I love you, we are a couple, and we eat pizza and we enjoy it very much!” And theese entertainments are very popular and succesfull. Because what is the first thing you think after seeing this entertainment! ” I want to eat a fukin’ big pizza now!!”

    But what I wanted to say with all this: I was never the best eater, but I have times when I just adore to eat, and it can be anything ( even if, I am very finical with eating ), but I never understood why is that?

    But now I know. I love to eat when I travel, I love to eat together with friends, I love to eat when I am in a relationship, I love to eat when I watch a pretty good film, and I love to eat always when I feel happy.

    And yes, I could definitely eat my boyfriend in any time! 🙂 So boys and girls, don’t you ever feel anger and get mad if your pair bit you, it only means that he or she loves you so much.

    Eat a lot, Love, and be happy, I wish it to everyone! 🙂

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