Getting What You Want! Part 1

(Before you get into this post, let’s play a little game. Ask yourself what you want in your life. Write down the answer in less than six words. Then read on.)

If you ask people what they want in their life, you find that very few of them have answers that connect with real life. The answers that they give are vague, unfocussed and unrealistic.Let’s look at a few of the answers that I hear.

1) I want to be rich.

2) I want a good looking partner.

3) I want some excitement in my life.

4) I want to lose weight and/or get fit.

These are some of the most common ones that I hear.  They usually rattle their answer off without thought. My response is to pause and leave their ‘want’ hanging in the air. This is to let them realise what they have just said. I next say: “Sooooo, what are you doing about it?” This usually brings silence or they start spluttering or talking nonsense. I cut across this by saying sharply: “Right now? Today?What are you doing now to get what you want?”

(Back to our little game. Did my questions catch you out? If they didn’t, you are one in a thousand. If they did, carry on reading.)

So try this game out with some of your friends. The next time that they are complaining about life, ask them what it is they want in their life, etc., etc. You’ll quickly begin to realise why so many people are not satisfied with the way their lives are going. In order to move your life up to a level where you ARE getting what you want you have to go about it in the right way. In the next few blog posts I am going to do a great workshop that will help you to start getting all those goodies that you want.

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Love,Peace and Happiness, Tom


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