Attracting A New Lifestyle! Part 1

One of my friends 0n Facebook said that she wanted to win £250,000 + on the lottery this week. M said that she was using the Law Of Attraction. She mentioned a couple of books that she had studied. One of these was The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes. This was a best selling book and I have read it myself. Lots of people have had good results from it. But even more people have been disappointed. It doesn’t work all the time and it doesn’t work for everybody. So what can go wrong?

Basically what the books tell you is that if you focus strongly on what you want, you will attract it to you. This is excellent advice. Every successful person that you hear about has focused totally on what they wanted. So why do so many readers of the books on the Law Of Attraction fail to get what they wanted? This is a big subject and it will take me a few blogs to help people who want to learn how focus properly. When you know the secret you will be able to use the Law Of Attraction properly.

More soon. Join The Happy People. Bookmark this site, NOW! Love, Peace and Happiness, Tom.


One thought on “Attracting A New Lifestyle! Part 1

  1. My friends have some great stories … One was ill from.limes disease … She knew something was seriously wrong but couldnt get an appointment til 2 months … So she tried the secret … Imagined, thought and felt … She would get a call monday morning for a cancellation on.the tues between 12-1pm … And sure enuf … It happened … Coincidence? Who cares if it was … She is now recovering well after years of bad illness … Faith and belief in.the secret may have helped x but by trying it … You have nothing to lose but everything to gain x

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