Feeling Depressed?

One in five people will have an attack of depression in their lives. Most of them will get over it. But most of those do get over it will have another attack. The World Health Organisation says that, by 2030, depression will be a bigger problem than cancer or aids! The mental health charity Sane says that people who suffer depression are four times more likely to commit suicide than people who are not depressed. They did not have figures for  the number of people who try to commit suicide or who self harm.

The treatment for depressed people is to give them counselling which is by and large a waste of time.  Then they are given drugs. If these don’t work they are given stronger ones. These drugs have a dreadful effect on the people who take them. Your quality of life just vanishes. You never feel GOOD. Your mind just floats in a vague state of nothingness.

The answer is never to allow yourself to get depressed and, if you do, get out of it as quickly as possible. But how can you do this?  You must:

1) Have a positive lifestyle.

2) Do not abuse alcohol or drugs.

3) And, most important of all, MEDITATE.

It has been shown in many, many tests and studies that meditation will give you strong mental health. If you meditate  for 10 minutes a day you have very little chance of becoming depressed. And if you do get depressed, or if you already suffer from depression,  meditation will stop it. And prevent it coming back. Again, many, many tests and studies have shown this time and time again.

Don’t suffer depression! Join The Happy People! Bookmark this site, NOW! Love, Peace and Happiness, Tom.


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