Get What You Really Want Now! Part2

If you fail to plan, You are  planning to fail. 

How can you make big changes in your life, if you don’t know what you want, you don’t know what you need to do and you don’t know how to start doing it? So you’re plan is to make changes in your life, move it up to a better level and start getting the things that you want. Let’s start making it the best plan in the world for YOU to get exactly what YOU want. You have your pen and notebook (see Part 1). Write down the things that you want in your life. Make a list of five or fifteen or even fifty. All the things that would make your life perfect. From now on we’ll call these things YOUR OUTCOMES (NLP) .

Now this is where you have to start thinking. Are your outcomes WELL FORMED? You have to have a list of what is known in NLP as WELL FORMED OUTCOMES. This just means that your outcomes must be sensible i.e you can’t have an outcome to be taller.  They must be outcomes that come under your control. You must be the person who does them.  You can’t have outcomes that need other people to do things i.e you can’t have one for somebody to love you. You can’t have one to win the lottery. because that is completely beyond your control. You can have short term outcomes, medium term outcomes and long term outcomes. This means ones that you want now, in the near future or sometime in the future.

Now go back to your list. Cross out ALL of the outcomes that you don’t have complete control over, all the medium term and all the long term outcomes. At this stage you maybe running into problems. If so, go to my Facebook page at Tommy Joe McNally  become  a friend and MESSAGE me. More soon.

Join The Happy People! Bookmark this site, NOW! Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy.


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