Get What You Really Want Now! Part 4

I was half way through writing Part 4 when I realized that something was wrong. I was taking too long to explain how to get started to “Get What You Really Want Now”. The first step is to have well formed outcomes. This is a very simple idea but it is an essential first step in making a new, better life for yourself.

What it really means is that there are limits in reality. If you are 5 feet tall, it is not sensible to want to be a world class basketball star, etc. I was taking too long to explain this. And more important it wasn’t easy to follow and  understand it. This is because I was doing it in a blog. People were seeing the posts in reverse order i.e they would see the latest and then have to back track. I am going to do a good, easy to understand and use  article. It will be in one place. And it will tell you how to use common sense to make sure that you do not waste time in your search for what you really want.

This article will be on this blog. It will be easier to read and, more important, easier to understand and easier to use to GET STARTED!

I am working on it now. Join The Happy People. Bookmark this site, NOW! Love Peace and Happiness,Tom


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