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I was half way through writing Part 4 of the series when I realized that something was wrong. I was taking too long to explain how to get started to “Get What You Really Want Now”. The first step is to have well formed outcomes. This is a very simple idea but it is an essential first step in making a new, better life for yourself.

What it really means is that there are limits in reality. If you are 5 feet tall, it is not sensible to want to be a world class basketball star, etc. I was taking too long to explain this. And more important it wasn’t easy to follow and  understand it. This is because I was doing it in a blog. People were seeing the posts in reverse order i.e they would see the latest and then have to back track. I am going to do a good, easy to understand and use article. It will be in one place. And it will tell you how to use common sense to make sure that you do not waste time in your search for what you really want.

This article will be on this blog. It will be easier to read and, more important, easier to understand and easier to use to GET STARTED!


Just let’s pause for a moment. If you want to succeed at this task, you have to go about it in the right way. The way to approach it is to amp up the power that you put into it. Let’s face it, you have tried to do and get the things that you wanted. Many times. But you have not succeeded. This is because  your attention span isn’t strong enough.  Most people stop learning after school, and their brains become, lazy doing the same old things every day.  There’s no thinking involved and the mind isn’t challenged enough.

This is where your true power must kick in!  Staying motivated is a skill that can be developed, so that you are always fired up, ready to learn these new skills and absorb new information.  You must learn again how to focus and stay focused . Keep what you want firmly in your mind. Get excited about what it will be like when you’re getting all the things that you want, being the person you want to be and living the sort life that you want to live. Always keep your eye on the prize and stay highly motivated.  All top achiever have ENTHUSIASM and it is a strong driving force to all success!  Stay motivated! The secret to lasting change in your life, is enthusiasm. Keep saying to yourself: I’m getting good, but I know I know that I’m going to get even better.

If you fail to plan, You are  planning to fail. 

How can you make big changes in your life, if you don’t know what you want, you don’t know what you need to do and you don’t know how to start doing it? So you’re plan is to make changes in your life, move it up to a better level and start getting the things that you want. Let’s start making it the best plan in the world for YOU to get exactly what YOU want. You have your pen and notebook (see Part 1). Write down the things that you want in your life. Make a list of five or fifteen or even fifty. All the things that would make your life perfect. From now on we’ll call these things YOUR OUTCOMES (NLP) .

Now this is where you have to start thinking. Are your outcomes WELL FORMED? You have to have a list of what is known in NLP as WELL FORMED OUTCOMES. This just means that your outcomes must be sensible i.e you can’t have an outcome to be taller.  They must be outcomes that come under your control. You must be the person who does them.  You can’t have outcomes that need other people to do things i.e you can’t have one for somebody to love you. You can’t have one to win the lottery. because that is completely beyond your control. You can have short term outcomes, medium term outcomes and long term outcomes. This means ones that you want now, in the near future or sometime in the future.

Now go back to your list. Cross out ALL of the outcomes that you don’t have complete control over, all the medium term and all the long term outcomes. Pick ONE item to work on. At this stage you maybe running into problems. If so, go to my Facebook page at Tommy Joe McNally  become  a friend and MESSAGE me.

 You have made a list of all the things that you want in your life. Things that would make you feel happy, fulfilled and successful. You have reduced that list to one item that will be easy for you to do. .This is called your outcome. It is one of the things that you want in your life. This first one is just to get you started.Up til now nobody has told you how to determine what you really want in life, how to plan effectively and how to start getting all those things that you have only daydreamed about. When you have done this first easy one you will move on to another one. As soon as you get the experience and skills necessary, you will move on to bigger, better, richer items.

Step 1 The first step is to write down the outcome that you are starting with.

Step 2 The second step is creating a path between what you want and where you are now. In other words, what you need to do in order to get what it is that you want. Write this down. Divide this path down into small steps. These are called chunks. Now you must think. Can you do each of these small chinks?  Write each chunk down. If not, you must chunk them down even further. If you still can’t cope with them, you must go back to your list and pick another item. Do not feel bad about this. You can always come back to this item when you have some more experience. And that won’t take long. Go back to Step 1 with this new item and then do Step 2 again. Write each new chunk down. The smaller the chunks are, the easier it is to keep moving forward, keep motivated and keep getting everything that  you want in your life.

Step 3 If Step 2 tells you that you can handle ALL the chunks that you need to do then you come to Step 3. Why haven’t you already got this item in your life? What is stopping you from having it yesterday? Write down EVERYTHING that is stopping you.

Step 4 Now you have to write down EVERYTHING that you need to do in order to get past ALL of the things that are stopping you from carrying out your plan. If you.come to a particular chunk that  is giving you trouble, chunk it down to even smaller chunks. If you still can’t cope with them, you must go back to your list and pick another item. Do not feel bad about this. You can always come back to this item when you have some more experience. And that won’t take long. Go back to Step 1 with this new item and then do Step 2 again. Do step 3 again AND write everything  down all over again.

Step 5 You may have got good results with the first item that you picked from your list. Perhaps you had to have a few goes. This isn’t important. What is important is that you now have a clear, well formed outcome to go for, you have path to go along and you have a series of stages or chunks that will make easy for you to succeed.

Step 6 Go for it! The quicker you finish this first one, the quicker you will move on to bigger. better, richer outcomes. The really juicy ones. Remember two things. Write EVERYTHING down and keep the chunks as small as possible.

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