The Right Meditation Will Change Your Karma!

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It has been a way of life for uncountable people.. Tests have been done all around the world. The scientists have proven, past any reasonable doubt that it will work. Recent research has revealed that it can and does have a deep effect in promoting health, recovery from illness, and creating substantive changes in your life.
So it has been proven that it can completely change your life. So why doesn’t everybody do it?
The answer is simple. There are thousands of different types of meditation out there.

Some schools recommend leaving your family, friends and job and isolating yourself from the world.
Here is how many meditators meditate:
Focus your mind on a single word, phrase or sound. Repeat it over and over. Some schools say to repeat it mentally, other schools advise you to say it out loud and other schools teach you to chant it out loud in a group.
Some methods may ask you to look at an image, others tell you to imagine an image in your mind.
Some groups have a nihilistic philosophy and others have a deeply traditional religious type of structure.
All of these schools, groups and methods work at some level. They will all have some effect. But, and here it is a BIG BUT, some are better than others. But, and here it is another BIG BUT how do you find out which is the best one. That is easy. I’ll can tell you which one will work best for you. More soon, Love,Peace and Happiness, Tommy.


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