Meditation To Examine Past And Future Lives

Meditation has many different uses. It can be used for health purposes (mental and physical) or for simple relaxation. Meditation can also be used to develop psychic abilities.  The best thing that you can use it for is to break a chain of bad Karma. You may be suffering from bad Karma in this lifetime. Perhaps  you are suffering from depression, hopelessness and failure. This means that in your next life you will be even worse off. You will be reborn at an even lower level If you don’t change your Karma. You can, however,  use the correct meditation to change your Karma. If you do your next life will be at a higher level. Your next life will be happier, more successful and more rewarding. You can also use the correct meditation to look at your past lives to find out where you went wrong. You can also use correct meditation to look at future lives and find the direction you must go in.

Love,Peace and Happiness,  Tommy


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