Have Weekend Fun Every Day!

Research has shown that people in general are happiest on Fridays. The reasons  are obvious. Friday is usually pay day. The following two days are Saturday and Sunday, and all workers get to sleep past late, put their feet up and let their hair down, and weekends are usually the time for fun. Everybody wishes every day felt like Friday. And The Happy people make every day feel like that.

Life is a gift and every day is a little present wrapped with a big ribbon that brings a huge smile to your face. People can spoil their lives by keeping remembering about past hurts and bad memories of things that have happened and that people have done to them. They are also pessimistic about bad things that they imagine will happen in the future.

You must turn your life around and make it a meaningful one.  You must get rid of all this  baggage. You will be much happier if you travel light. That means you hold on to optimism, forgiveness and a good heart.In other words, your heart must be lightened to allow the force of love to flow in. Your heart consists of the positive feelings that brighten up your life. Learn to Meditate. Whatever your religion the correct Meditation will make your life more meaningful.  Meditation will help you make more connection with your higher consciousness. All the joys that Meditation will bring will make every day of your life a FRIDAY. That means you will wake up every morning with a bounce, look out of your window with happiness  and optimism for the day in front of you.And you will learn how touch the hearts of friends, relatives and strangers with a magic that makes them glad that you have walked into their lives.


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