Make A New Life For Yourself!

At this moment in time we have a treasure chest of opportunity available. With the internet  we have near-unlimited information at our fingertips, we can have children who are healthy and safe, and we have wealth and possessions beyond what most of the world can only dream of. It’s all there for us. If only you can learn to handle it all WISELY.

So what is the problem? In a word -EVERYTHING! We are more stressed than we have ever been.  Most of us are profoundly unhappy. Despite the power of prosperity, lots of people are anxious, depressed or fearful of the future. We have cars and computers and houses and mobiles and hundreds of goodies. Our homes are full of things that we want BUT our desire to get still more puts up a persistent pressure that is pushing us to the edge of a precipice.

How can we stay sane in a world that has gone mad?

You must find a place of peace. One where the babbling of advertising and greed materialism dies down. Where you can just be yourself. Where you can decide the difference between what you want and what you really need to be happy. Perhaps you cannot have everything that you want, but you can get  everything that you will ever need to be truly happy. Where you can drop out of the frantic rat race to get everything. And pick the things that will make you and yours truly happy. This place of peace is found by Meditating.

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