Three Steps To Happiness!

Here is a way that is easy to do, simple to use and works very well to make you Happy!

The first, and most important step is to realise that Happiness is a choice. You must make up your mind to BE HAPPY. Make your mind up that Happiness is the way for you. At present you are a baby with no control over what happens to you. But as you grow in your Happiness training you learn how you can control how you look at, feel about and react to things. You will become the pilot flying your mind to where you want it to go. The only place you will land your plane is at Happiness airport.

Step two: Know what to ignore. You must make a decision at the start of EVERY day. You must say to yourself: I’m not going to let anybody or anything spoil my day.

Step three: Travel light, meaning forgive a lot and get rid of all hurt and bitterness towards people and past events

Join The Happy People. Bookmark this page, NOW! Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy


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