Get A Real Life!

People are lost in a fog of pointless information. They are involved in a dense cloud of trivial, irrelevant or otherwise of no value information. This is made possible by the internet and television and cell phones. It is hard to resist and it can become addictive. But it can really make mess up your brain. Brain experts are worried about this trend. You have to learn how to become part of the real world. How to start doing real things, meeting real people and living in the real world. Work out how long you spend watching TV, surfing the net and texting in a given week. Then cut it by at least 25 per cent the following week. Use the time saved to hit the street, meet your friends in the flesh, get more exercise. If you like the result, keep restricting virtual-life “surfing” and expanding real-life human experiences. Use meditation to help you make the change!

Join The Happy People! Bookmark this site, NOW! Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy.


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