Get Your Head Right!

If someone living in the 19th century had been told that by the 21st century, nearly everyone in this country would not only have bathrooms with hot and cold running water, but also a car, central heating, every kind of electronic gadgetry, and usually more than enough to eat, they would have shaken their heads in disbelief. Or they would have imagined that people would be living in some kind of earthly paradise.Sadly, such plenty today is tinged with bewilderment. Drug abuse and violence are rife. Mental illness seems to have become more common, not simply better recognised, over the last generation or so. Rates of self-harm among teenage girls are also high and seem to be increasing. Personal debt has hit a record high.So what has gone wrong? What has caused the loss of paradise?

What went wrong isn’t important, what to do about it is. People must get their heads right by Meditating. They must clean up their lives and start to live with intent.

Join The Happy People. Bookmark this site, NOW! Love,Peace and Happiness, Tommy.


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