You Are At War Right Now!

You are fighting a losing battle in a war against a powerful enemy. This powerful enemy has even more powerful weapons to use against you that  will suck the blood out of your life and leave you drained of your life energy. The weapons are sleep deprivation, obesity, physical inactivity and stress-related physical and emotional illnesses. In spite of dire warnings, the problems are getting worse. Here are some of the casualties: Two out of three adults get less than the required 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Two out of three people are overweight. Fewer than 20 percent of people engage in regular physical activity. Three out of four people visit their doctor about stress. The average age people first complain about depression is now 14 years old. Who is this enemy who is ruining your life.  YOU are! You’re your own enemy!  Do something about it! Start living right!

Join The Happy People!

Bookmark NOW! Love, peace and Happiness, Tommy.


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