Get In The Zone, NOW!

When we’re stressed we have less energy to focus on the important things like feeling good. Sometimes we end up rushing things that need more attention. We may even make mistakes that cost us more time. Meditation can help you sort out what is important. Then you can arrange it so that more time is spent enjoying yourself and not on activities that are less important to you. When we are busy and engaged, time flies. When we are bored or not where we want to be, time drags. Of course, time doesn’t change, it is merely our experience of it that changes. During peak performances athletes describe being in “the zone.” The Zone is a feeling of being in total control of mind and body and being able to operate at TOP LEVEL. Feeling as if you are an absolute World Champion in whatever you want to do. In Meditation this is called at-oneness, being in the now. Meditation will not make you a world champion but it will give you that feeling. Learn to enjoy yourself!

Join The Happy People! Bookmark this site, NOW! Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy.

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