Swimming In The Seven Seas Of Happiness!

You have two lives. Your outer life and your inner life. Your outer life tries to find Happiness by feeding your earthly desires and stimulating your earthly passions. Your inner life looks for spiritual fulfillment by controlling your earthly passion, by overcoming your earthly desires and swimming in the vast sea of total freedom from bad Karma. Life is to be lived and two things we should do. We should study life most devotedly and live life most divinely. The two things we must have are imagination and inspiration. A life with no imagination is a life of imprisonment. With the wings of imagination, we must try to fly into the Beyond. A life with no inspiration is a life of stagnation. With dynamism of ceaseless inspiration, we shall give new meaning to life and immortalize life.

True Love Meditation will bring you the mental freedom to develop both outer AND inner halves of your life. Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy.

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