The Country Of Happiness!

There is a way to measure people’s happiness.  This measurement (GNH) started in Bhutan, whose king has become a popular conversation topic as he recently married. Now several  countries set targets of improving the well-being of its people. But most measurements are designed to gauge increases in how much money and goods change hands. The most well-known measurement of this kind is the gross domestic product (GDP).

In contrast, Bhutan’s GNH attaches importance to the increases in the sense of happiness felt by its people. The GNH was conceived by the former king of Bhutan, the father of the current king. The GNH considers such things as the amount of time you spend with your family. The longer the time spent with your family, the happier you will feel. Other factors include the degree of satisfaction felt about Bhutan’s education system and the richness of nature in the country.

It is true an abundance of money and things that can be bought with money make it possible for people to enjoy higher standards of food, clothing and other goods. But the Bhutanese seem to believe that concentrating on wealth alone would prompt many people to engage in a moneymaking race. This  causes increased stress. And, it seems lots of unhappiness.

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