Six Rules For You To Stay Healthy, Happy And Slim!

People who stay Healthy, Happy and SLIM usually follow these six rules,

1. Get Up Early.  Healthy people have a normal sleep schedule.  They go to bed early and they wake up earlier than most people, feeling refreshed, happy and ready to go.

2. Exercise early.  Exercising in the morning, before or after breakfast, is best because it boosts your metabolism.

3. Stay positive.  Healthy, happy people have a positive outlook on life.  They know that seeing life in a positive way motivates them to stay healthy,happy and live longer.

4. Eat healthy food.  Skinny people stay skinny by eating a mix of lots of protein and vitamin rich, fruit and vegetables everyday.

5. Know what you want and set targets.  They always like to improve things. Particularly themselves. They set short and long term  targets for exercise and weight loss.

6. Meditate.  This gives them strong  mental control.


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