Ladies, Like To Learn About Laid Back Love Making?

A new study has revealed that meditation helps women to train their thoughts while love-making which makes them to experience more pleasure between the sheets. Researchers from the Brown University in Rhode Island monitored the behaviour of 44 students, 30 of whom were female, and half of whom had taken a 12-week meditation course. According to, the participants were shown a slideshow of “erotic” images and were then asked to describe their reaction as either “calm”, “excited” or “aroused”. They found that the women who had been meditating were quicker at feeling sexy. The study also revealed that women who meditate demonstrate increased self-compassion, less anxiety and improved attention span. It’s interesting, the women didn’t like the meditation  took longer to  feel sexy. They  were ones who often had feelings of anxiety, anger and lack of confidence in life before the experiment. Join The Happy People at

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