Get Set To Really Enjoy This Christmas!

Christmas is coming soon and it will be a great time to bring some happiness to yourself and to others. Do not leave everything til the last minute. Plan what you’re  going to do. Make a list of the presents you are going to buy and the people to get cards for. Don’t be mean. It only happens once a year. Put time into it. Think about it. A friend of mine used to post 200 cards out. He didn’t just buy a pack of cards. He used to pick most of them to have a special message for that person. He was also the same about presents. He went abroad a lot and would buy presents six months before Christmas.

The message is clear. THINK about it. Don’t leave it until the last minute. He used to enjoy every minute of the preparation, the giving and the good feelings involved.

Instead of getting that sinking feeling when you think about all the problems, get involved in the planning, the excitement and the festive spirit. Make this your best Christmas ever. Love,Peace and Happiness, Tommy.

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