Don’t Let Christmas Get You Down!

It’s no secret that Christmas is a stressful time. But scientists say the season’s hectic, anxious schedule and festive over-eating can cause havoc on hormones, driving even the sanest person slightly cuckoo come Boxing Day. Writing in the Journal of Neuroendocrinology earlier this year, the University of Edinburgh’s Mike Ludwig, predicted that come December, ‘it is inevitable that, once again, we will again totally surrender to the effects of our Christmas hormones. And the big let down afterwards’

Don’t let it happen to you. Make sure that you have the BEST Christmas that you have ever had. And let the joy, the fun and the happiness flow in a powerful flood right the through into New Year and right through 2012. How can you make this happen? Join The Happy People.  There are over a hundred how to be happy articles. Short, easy to read and easy to do at

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