Happiness NOW!

What makes you happy? A wrestle with your dog when you come in? Your cat cuddling on your knee? Your favourite meal with a friend? A car drive on  a quiet road? Your favourite singer singing that special song? Seeing some beautiful scenery with somebody you love? You should have a list of about 50 things that turn you on. Things that you can do with little effort. (As I’ve told you often, they should be written down.)  Now start doing them.NOW! That’s right, NOW. KEEP doing them until I tell you to stop. Christmas is starting early this year. We’re not going to make  Christmas Day the happiest day in the year, We’re going to make Christmas time the happiest MONTH of the year. All together now, every day, all day, let’s do it!

Join The Happy People, Go to    https://happinessguru.wordpress.com          share and follow.

Love,Peace and Happiness, Tommy


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