Get Happier AND Stop Stress In One Go!

How do you do that? Read this report:  Megan E. Piper, Ph.D., from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison, led a group that examined  1,504 people. Some of these people were to stop smoking, the rest were to keep smoking. The people were tested one year and three years later using quality of life (QOL) indices.  Simply put, this means that they were asked about how happy they feel about things in their lives.

Those who had stopped smoking, reported higher levels of happiness than those who still smoked. And more important this was still going on at the three year stage. The non-smokers were still happier than the others. They also reported less things were causing them stress than the smokers.

So if you want to stop stress, feel happier AND get loads of health benefits, stop smoking! And join The Happy People. Go to   Click to follow and share this post with a friend. Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy.




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