Meditation Stops You Being Unhappy, Angry or Aggressive!

Have you ever had a moment of rude awakening. A friend says to you: You are always moaning. Or angry. Or aggressive.

You immediately splutter some sort of denial. Later on you think to yourself: How could they say that when it’s just not true.

But is it true or not? How will you ever know?

In order for you to get true love, peace and happiness in your life, you have to find out who you are really. How can you work on getting rid of your unhappiness, anger or aggression when you don’t believe you have them?

Well you can work on this sort of problem in two steps:

1) You can use an NLP technique called ‘Going to third person’. You go over the scene in your mind again but you act like a spectator. You imagine the scene again but you are standing a few feet away watching yourself and your friend talking. Just as if you were were watching a video recording of the scene. You watch and listen to everything again. You can then judge if you were being unhappy, angry or aggressive. If you were then use step 2.

2) Start meditating more. If you don’t meditate, start meditating. The right type of meditation will allow you to go to third person. You will then be able to be away from your actions but still mindful of them. As you continue to meditate, you will drift further and further away from your unhelpful actions. This is called stretching cords of attachment. Eventually they stretch so far that they break. And all those unhelpful behaviours will vanish into the distance just like a balloon with a broken string on a breezy day.

I love to add NLP techniques to my Zen Meditation because they make it easier to understand, easier to do and gives better results.

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