Ready For Happiness From Your New Year Resolutions?

You have a couple of days to round up your New Year resolutions. Hopefully the ones you want will be ones that will help you clean up your act or bring success, satisfaction and happiness into your life.

In this article, we will be be looking at ones that will increase your happiness. Lots of researchers all over the world have been studying how we can have more happiness in our lives. The scientists have found many ways of doing this. I have picked three of them for these reasons:

1) Because they are easy to start and keep up.

2) The researchers have tested them and have proved that they work.

3) Doing these types of things have been found to have very important side effects. They help you to stay healthier, and they help you to live longer.

4) Also, following this programme is guaranteed to make you lots of friends!

Right, here are the areas I want you to think about:

a) Giving. The act of giving is very powerful. You can prove this to yourself very easily. Keep your eyes open for people in the street who are collecting money. Charity workers, street musicians or even beggars. Watch the people who donate money. As they walk up they have a certain look on their face. After they give the money, as they walk away, you’ll see their faces change. Obviously the act of giving has given them a good feeling. Just try this experiment and see for yourself. Now I’m not only talking about giving money. You can give of yourself, your time and your caring. Visit the sick. Phone somebody who is living on their own. Give your unwanted goods to charity shops. When you’re in at a supermarket check out and the person behind you only has a few items, let them go first. Watch their face change! Try to put some thinking into this. Give things, give kind acts, give kind words. Give and THINK about giving before, while and after doing it. Research  shows that just THINKING about giving can have almost as much good effect on your mood as actually giving.

b) People who are unhappy spend too much time thinking about themselves. What has happened in the past, what they want but can’t get and what will go wrong in the future. You must make a resolution to change this. But HOW. To keep this post short; I would suggest that you go to There are nearly 150 blog posts there that will teach you how to start getting more happiness into your life.

c) Start helping people. When somebody tells  you about a problem, don’t just listen to them, don’t start telling them about your problems, give them real help. Here are some Magic phrases:

“What can WE do about it?”

” Let me have a word with them!”

” I’ll go and see them!”

” I’ll come around and give you a hand to do it!”

So there you have three resolutions that will bring you a lot of happiness and a lot of friends.

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