Good Results For Seriously-ill People!

The Dalai Lama visited the west, several years ago. Since then he has encouraged experienced Tibetan masters of meditation to get involved in experiments and research with lots of scientific groups.

These experiments have shown the scientists the many benefits that can come from meditation. Among these many benefits, two have been the ability to control your emotions and the ability reduce pain.

An experiment has been conducted at Oslo’s Diakonhjemmet Hospital. It studied a group of people who suffered with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis or psoriatic arthritis of various ages.  All illnesses that bring serious pain, tiredness and mental stress.

Half of the people were given ten group meditation classes and one more session six months later. The other half of the people were just given regular treatment for the condition and a how to meditate CD.

In this  study, the meditation trained people to concentrate on their own thoughts, experiences and pain in the moment, without actively trying to avoid them or judge them.

At the end of the study, both groups of people said that they had the same level of pain. But the people who had the group meditation training were found to have reduced their stress and and tiredness greatly. Whereas the members of the other group reported that they still had the same level of stress and tiredness.

You must remember that the improved group had only had ten group training sessions and one follow up one. This amounts to a week and a half of daily training. I’m sure that a longer experiment would have shown  better results. II wonder what they  would have found. Particularly if daily, group meditation had been used. I have always found that daily, group meditation brings a bonus of better benefits to the students.

It seems  to me,  that when one student reports a good result the other members are encouraged to look for, to find and to enjoy benefits as well.

This belief is supported by the fact that the experienced  monks introduced to the scientists all showed remarkable skills in controlling their minds and bodies.

Daily and, when possible, group meditation will work wonders for mind and body.

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