How To Feel Happy?

Here is a list of things that give people a happy feeling. I have written about some of them before. Just to remind you, I am making a long list but will break it down. See how many of them you can ‘get involved’ in today and every day. One way to feel happy is to make somebody else feel happy. So use the list for doing things to others to make them feel happy and enjoy the glow you produce. The items on this list will work but not every one will be good for you. Pick your good ones and hammer them!

1) Finding money in an old pair of Jeans. Check them before you wash them or throw them out.

2) Going on holiday, or a mini-break or even a full day out. Take lots of photos.

3) Getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets. Even better if you’ve got somebody to share the feeling with.

4) A dip in the sea. Particularly on holiday.

5) Waking up to a sunny day.

6) Sitting in a sunny spot.

7) Somebody giving you a box of chocolate.

8) Getting a nice text from somebody close to you.

9) Hugging

10) Driving with the windows wound down on a warm, sunny day.

That’s enough for now. Get stuck in to them. Use your imagination. Go back in your memory to when they happened to you in the past. Think about how you felt. That warm glow you’re feeling is happiness. Learn the feeling. On an other occasion you may feel it again and not know what is causing it. Stop for a moment and think about what could be causing it. Become thoroughly aware of things that make you feel happy.  Become an expert. Soon you;ll be able to change any mood into a happy mood. And that is what you want. Control of your moods. The ability to produce a happy mood at anytime. Look forward to when you can possibly try this control.

Use your new skills on other people.

For 1) Plant some money and tell them: “Hey there’s some money in this pocket.” Share your happy feelings.

If you’re having a coffee with a neighbour say: ” Let’s sit out side in the sun.”

Enjoy them. Do them to other people. You’re supposed to be one of The Happy People. Make happiness happen for yourself then spread it! Spread it thick!

Join The Happy People at  Love, Peace and Happiness,


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