Why Aren’t You Really And Truly Happy?

You know that you want to be happy. I want to be happy. Everybody wants to be happy. So what went wrong?  Well, basically, you don’t know how to become happy.

Let me divide the people reading this into two groups.

Group A) You have accomplished a great deal in your life. But, in spite of having a good job, a beautiful house and car, and lots of other nice things, you feel a lack of satisfaction. Your hard work and success have not brought you the happiness that you had hoped for. Your quality of life has slipped out of the back door.

Group B) Things aren’t happening for  you.  Success, great relationships and pure enjoyment are passing you by. All the good feelings in your life have got up and gone. You know your  life should be better, but you don’t know how to bring it about.

Both groups, A and B are looking at the wrong picture of happiness.They are looking at a materialistic scene. They believe that happiness  has to come  from having things.  That is wrong.

Happiness is not what you have, happiness is what you feel.

Ten years ago, in 2002, scientists announced to the world: We now know what makes people happy!

For the first time in history, they had an understanding of what makes people happy.

In the years since, the scientists, the researchers and the neuroscientists have added to the  understanding, knowledge and methods of being happy.

I have meditated for 35 years. Meditation has a strong effect on happiness. Because of the way it works on your brain, it reduces anxiety, stress and depression and  produces a low but strong, steady, persistent feeling of happines in their place. The power of the effects that meditation has can be greatly increased.  Test it. Start meditating. You’ll find out for yourself.

I am a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This has trained me in making plans and programmes that produce results for people.  In NLP, we don’t waste time on things that will not work.

I have a programme that brings together NLP, meditation and the latest discoveries of the scientists. This programme will tell you how to get all the happiness that you can handle into your life. And it is


Join The Happy People at  https://happinessguru.wordpress.com   Love, Peace and Happiness,





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