Living Happy Can Create Good Karma!

Happy people create good Karma for themselves!

I put a poll on Facebook about happiness. Here are some of the replies I received:

Happiness is doing what you love doing

Happiness is being successful.

Happiness is realizing why you are here. That life has direction, purpose and meaning.

Happiness is having good relationships.

Happiness  is loving and being loved.

Happiness is helping others, inspiring  them and making a positive difference in their lives.

Happiness is giving and receiving love.

Nearly all the responses were similar. People all defined being happy as getting good feelings. But when we look at how people spend their energy, we find that they continually try to obtain material things.  Things  like expensive clothes, jewellery and cars. The more expensive they are the more frantic people are to get them.

Make changes NOW!

In our society possessions, status and possessions are seen as the most important things in life. People often suffer mental problems, lose family and friends and ruin their health chasing their dream of materialistic success. A lot of the things that they do can cause bad Karma. Things like greed, selfishness and ambition  instead of happiness, love and caring for others.And this can cause them unhappiness in this life and a bad start in their next rebirth. Change your life now. Have a better, more enjoyable and happier life. Create good Karma instead of building bad Karma for yourself. Join The Happy People at Love, Peace and Happiness,      Tommy



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