How To Be Happy!

We all want to be happy!

Every human being on the earth, regardless of age, sex or race, wants to be happy. Everything we do, whether we realize it or not, is an unconscious attempt to find happiness. Every idea you think of, every direction you follow, every action you take is intended to bring you happiness.

Your body is built that way. In the same way that a heat seeking missile goes for it’s target, in the same way that a flower turns it’s head to the warmth of the sun,  in the same way that a cat will  always look for a warm place to sit so you, too, will look for that beautiful glow of happiness.

Addicted to happiness!

You can’t help it. You’re built that way. You are addicted to feeling happy and you hate feeling unhappy. When you are unhappy you feel anxious, stressed or depressed. When your happy you produce chemicals that make you feel upbeat, joyful and on your toes. The change in you can be so obvious that other people can spot it and may even tell you that they can.

Just let me repeat what I said earlier:  Every idea you think of, every direction you follow, every action you take is intended to bring happiness. And they will!

Going wrong!

If…… And I repeat for emphasis….IF they are the RIGHT ones!                   Thinking the right ideas, following the right directions and taking the right actions will make you a very happy person. Your body will start to produce all the right hormones that will give you better relationships, better health and a longer life.

If they are the wrong ones, the wrong ideas, directions and actions then you are facing West looking for a nice sunrise. Happiness and all those  good hormones,just like that sunrise,  willl never appear.

This is where so many people go wrong:

1) They have the wrong beliefs about being happy. They believe it can’t be controlled. That it comes and goes without reason, etc.

2) They carry on with those wrong  ideas, directions and actions.

3) They don’t know what to do to change things.

Where to start!

So what should YOU do in order to get every bit of that happiness that is waiting out there for YOU! There are a few ways such as going on the net and learning more about what the scientist have to say about different ways to be happier. There are lots of how-to books about being happier. The problem is that reading about happiness is like reading about how to be a footballer. It just lacks what you need to become a footballer. It’s interesting but it will never replace getting out there and playing the game itself. You don’t want to know all about happiness. You want to become a happy person, you want to have a happy life and you want to enjoy every moment of it! Why not join The Happy People at   It won’t cost you a penny! It’s free. Love, Peace and Happiness,                 Tommy


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