Karma Can Cause Depression!

Lots of people are leading miserable lives because of bad Karma. I want to give people an insight into what is a growing problem. Every report that comes out says that more and more people are complaining of anxiety and depression. In this article I just want to point out what may be the root cause of a lot of the problems. So I’m going to, very deliberately, keep it very simple.

Being miserable, depressed and unhappy causes bad Karma for you. You go into a spiral where your bad feelings start a chain which is hard to break out of. You must realise that the miserable life you are living now will bring even more miserableness into your life in your immediate future.  This low level of living will continue working to bring about even more unhappiness. Your natural state is to be happy. Your health and mental state are heavily controlled by how happy you are. You are meant, by your very nature, to be happy, you should be happy  and you must be happy. Otherwise you are living an unnatural life that will build up a lot of bad Karma. If you don’t do something about it you are condemning yourself to a lifetime of misery. And, even worse, when you are re-incarnated in your next life, you will start off with a lot of bad Karma to work your way through.

This is why it is so hard to treat depression. Not many people, and this includes Doctors and Psychiatrists, fully understand the Karmic part of the problem. This is your life, the nature of your life and the quality of your life that we are talking about here. And your next life. Just think about that. Starting your next life with a load of bad Karmic to pay back.

It is up to you, yes YOU to do something about it now. Change yourself, change  your life, change your Karma. Get rid of your negative emotions. Replace them with Love, Inner Peace and Happiness. Start living right and pile up lots and lots of GOOD KARMA.

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I’d like to hear from you. Love,Peace and Happiness,  Tommy

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