Get Control Of Your Happiness!

Can You Control It?

After much research the neuroscientists have come up with the following findings. Your genes control  control 50% of your happiness. Another 10 % arises from fixed items in your life and general circumstances. These are  where you live, your income, job and your possessions including your home, car, clothing, etc.

So far, so good, but, here is the important part. The other 40% comes from how you choose to behave and the choices you make.  In other words a huge chunk of your happiness is controlled by YOU. You decide how happy you are going to be. Your beliefs, your thoughts and your behaviour control just how happy you are, how long your happiness will last and exactly when it will come to an end.

Why Don’t You Use That Control?

Let me explain. Here are some very common attitudes that I find people have about happiness:

Nothing good ever happens to me.

You can’t be happy all the time.

You can’t  control happiness. It just comes and goes.

I’m happy enough.

With beliefs like those, it seems as if there is no point in trying to increase the happiness in your life. But those beliefs are WRONG.

I have always known that you can completely change your life around. You can start enjoying life fully and stop stress, depression and unhappiness ruining your life. These latest research findings show that you do have control over your happiness.

Is It Easy?

And there is one thing that you know about control. If you use it you get better at it. Your skill at using it becomes faster, better, stronger.

When you are learning to drive, you feel you will never do it. There are a lot of things to attend to. Accelerator, brake and clutch control. Steering. Watching the  road ahead. Using the sat-nav for where you want to go. After training the whole thing becomes effortless. You do it so easily.

It’s the same with happiness. You use your mental clutch to shift into your happiness drive and your mental accelerator  to start moving faster. You watch the road ahead and steer around any bumps of unhappiness. And you use your mental sat-nav to always keep moving towards you where you want to go, happiness. At first it seems impossible. As you keep learning more about what you are supposed to be doing, it becomes easier and easier. Eventually it becomes effortless

Do You Want To Know More? 

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Love, Peace and Happiness, Tommy.


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